Whole-Language High Jinks – How to Tell When “Scientifically Based Reading Instruction” Isn’t
by Louisa Moats

Whole Language High Jinks

Teaching Innovation: The Use of Useless Worlds
by Sam Hollon

Land-based learning links students’ regular curriculum with Indigenous culture – The Globe and Mail

Teacher Education – EdCan Article

Interesting article summarizing some good ideas …

Learning – OECD Research

This looks like a terrific article on learning from OECD … thanks Deb for sharing it.

Developing Framework for Teaching Expertise


Linked, please find an article form U of C on A Developmental Framework for Teaching Expertise in Postsecondary Education. Thanks Andrew for sharing this article.

Bylaws and policies – pursuant to Section 90 of the Teachers Act

While individual programs will approach Teacher Education in contextual and indivdual ways, they must all ensure that graduates of their program meet and exceed the policies and standards identified in the Bylaws and Policies – Pursuant to Section 90 of the Teachers Act

BC Teacher Regulation Standards

All students within our program must meet and / or exceed the following standards for professional practice. Please see the links below for those standards.

To help educators understand the standard, a series of cases were developed to unpack the impact of each standard. We might want to include these cases within our course work.

TRB Forms

To make significant changes within our program, we’ll need to complete the following TRB forms

Form for proposing changes / renewals to TED programs

Form for reviewing program changes

Susan Crichton Design Thinking Document

Using Design Thinking (MSWord Document)

Continuing on the Journey of Transforming Education in BC (Powerpoint Presentation)