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Posted by CYH: I just wanted the Design Team to know about the work that SEGA (Supporting Education Graduate Advancement) is doing. This is led by Dr. Tina Fraser and Dr. Catherine Whalen… and I joined this team. On Friday, Nov.16th, we got together to discuss the MDL (Multidisciplinary Leadership) Comprehensive Exam questions. From this meeting, we discussed MDL programming and courses offered. We would likely take an UDL approach from this recent exam design to future programming. This is very preliminary and understand that the primary conversation of the Design Team is about the BEd program to be implemented in 2020. I appreciated this conversation with my SEGA colleagues who are also MDL instructors. We may take an approach that parallels the Design Team.  I look forward to the possibilities and future discussions. This is an FYI only. Thanks.

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Look forward to these discussions with Lantana Usman included

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